My business motto is a phrase that my granny uttered often during my childhood.

“one monkey don’t stop no show”

If there is something that you really want to do, you will find a way. And there is no force that will stop you. That is how I experience the act of creation. When I’m making a new piece or attempting a new craft, there are no mistakes. There are simply steps in the process. I learn. I change direction. Unexpected things create new results. If it looks horrible, that’s not the piece that you sell, but you keep going until you get to a place that you like. This is true at the workbench and when navigating any other aspect of my business or life.

Beading is my refuge, and it’s way cheaper than therapy. I love sitting down and making things that I see in my head come to life. I was bitten by the bead bug over a decade ago and just kept at my craft. I started vending in a few places and I decided to open my etsy shop in 2008 in response to my customers, who kept asking if I had a site.

I am obsessed with all things vintage. I adore Midcentury, Victorian, art deco and Hollywood regency design, 60s and 70s kitsch, and depression glass. Really, these are the things that remind me of the homes of the ladies that I grew up in. my mother, grandmothers, great grandmothers and aunts.

Sweet Fox 1926 is the result of my desire to share the handmade, vintage and diy things that make my heart smile.

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