Holiday Help

Okay ladies and gents…as you know…I’m growing a business in the midst of living my real life. 

I need some guinea pigs… 

What you get out of it: 

You tell me what part of the holidays stresses you out…and you get an assistant with recommendations and links to help you get organized…de stressed and figure this thang out…

this includes…

mental health care coaching for dealing with difficult relatives and/or loss during a time when everyone else is “happy”

gift buying advice

meal planning

…and i’m also taking recommendations on what all you need to feel less stressed throughout the holidays.

Cause i’m a mf ELF in this piece. I used to be embarrassed about it…but there’s so much foolishness in the world to feel bad about that I decided that I get to feel excited when the air starts to get crisp and I feel the urge to start listening to Christmas music way before it’s “time.”

What I need in exchange: 

Testimonials and feedback to help me create better services for my people. I have 8 spots left. Let me know if you’re interested. 

Big Hugs and Big Love, 



New in Shop!

treemings® limited edition silk scarves

26.5 inches square, these silk scarves are 100% habutai. (“Habutai” is Japanese for “downy and soft”). Habutai is a sheer silk. Each scarf is hand hemmed. Allow 3 weeks for delivery.

The colors and designs of treemings® scarves are always the product of nature and the photographer’s eye. Each image is limited to only ten pieces. A small inconspicuous identification number (printed with the image, not by label) identifies each piece as a treemings® scarf and indicates the size, the title of the image and which of the ten uses of the image the particular scarf represents. For example, the next “pinkDogwoodSunset” will say treemings®



01 pinkDogwoodSunset 02

The 01 means it is 26.5 inches square. “pinkDogwoodSunset” is the image title, and the 02 means it is the second of ten items to be sold with this image.

Furthermore, your scarf can be personalized. Your initials, your full name, or if it’s a gift, even the occasion, can be inconspicuously printed onto the silk within the image, in a spot other than where the treemings logo will be. For example, “made for Lynn Dale, for her birthday, 2013.” We recommend that your personalized message be no more than 45 characters in length.

With your order, indicate the name of the image, and the letters or words you want in the personalized spot.






A Gentle Reminder…

Not everyone is excited about the holidays. For some people Christmas and all of the accompanying merriment is incredibly triggering. This can be the case for various reasons, the loss of a loved one, the anniversary of a trauma and sometimes seeing all of the high spirits can remind a person of exactly how badly they’re feeling by comparison. So please take the time to check in with the people that you care about and make sure that they’re okay and if you have the resources to offer support to them, then do so. Sometimes a phone call is all it takes to make a person remember that they’re not invisible.

*cyber hugs and actual love to you all*


Small Business Saturday is November 29th!!!

We’re flipping through oyster stuffing recipes, polishing the silver and mixing up sweet potato pies all while getting ready for the biggest retail weekend of the year! Black Friday and Cyber Monday are always big news, but the Saturday after Black Friday is a BIG day for small businesses everywhere. This is your opportunity as a consumer to strengthen your local economy. Small Business Saturday was created by American Express in 2010 and focuses on increasing the customer base of local businesses and independent retailers.

You can find a listing of small businesses in your area here

Don’t forget about all of the lovely businesses on etsy!!!

If you are a small business you can find resources here

The Ultimate Post Thanksgiving Sandwich

If you follow me on pinterest, you know that I’m a foodie all the way down to the marrow of my bones.

A couple of years ago I found this recipe in a Williams-Sonoma catalogue because they’re smart enough to photograph their sexy cookware with drool worthy food and the odd recipe. While most folks are planning their Thanksgiving dinner menu, I am planning what my mom and I are going to eat the day AFTER Thanksgiving.

Why am I putting this much thought into it? Three reasons: #1 this sandwich appears to be a thing of GLORY. #2 I am not in the habit of keeping myself away from glorious things. #3 who has cranberry-apricot chutney lying around on a regular basis? So, I am planning ahead so that I can make my sandwich dreams come true!

IMG_1216.PNG photo from williams-sonoma