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treemings® limited edition silk scarves

26.5 inches square, these silk scarves are 100% habutai. (“Habutai” is Japanese for “downy and soft”). Habutai is a sheer silk. Each scarf is hand hemmed. Allow 3 weeks for delivery.

The colors and designs of treemings® scarves are always the product of nature and the photographer’s eye. Each image is limited to only ten pieces. A small inconspicuous identification number (printed with the image, not by label) identifies each piece as a treemings® scarf and indicates the size, the title of the image and which of the ten uses of the image the particular scarf represents. For example, the next “pinkDogwoodSunset” will say treemings®



01 pinkDogwoodSunset 02

The 01 means it is 26.5 inches square. “pinkDogwoodSunset” is the image title, and the 02 means it is the second of ten items to be sold with this image.

Furthermore, your scarf can be personalized. Your initials, your full name, or if it’s a gift, even the occasion, can be inconspicuously printed onto the silk within the image, in a spot other than where the treemings logo will be. For example, “made for Lynn Dale, for her birthday, 2013.” We recommend that your personalized message be no more than 45 characters in length.

With your order, indicate the name of the image, and the letters or words you want in the personalized spot.







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