Avoiding Holiday Entertainment Freak Outs


Confession time. I am an introvert…mostly. What this means is that as much as I love human beings, I can quickly get burned out with the rounds of rapid holiday entertaining. I start getting stressed out and crabby and it sucks some of the joy out of everything for me.

Even if you’re not an introvert, you may benefit from this little bit of advice.

Learn to say no.

Start practicing now. You already know that there are gobs of places that you COULD go to rub elbows and sip eggnog. Choose which events you attend with care. Do you honestly enjoy the people who will be there? Are you going to keep up appearances? Is this holiday hang out going to put a major dent in your finances?

these questions are even more important when inviting people into your home. Your home is your sanctuary and the people that you invite to it should be people that you enjoy being around.

One of my best friends is a consummate hostess. She throws the most amazingly lovely affairs for all occasions. She told me that the key to entertaining is to decide what YOU want to do and then invite people to do that with you. I used this to good effect in my thanksgiving entertaining last year. instead of having people over for dinner, i did a quiet little dinner with my significant other. Then I invited a few people over for dessert in the evening. I kept it super simple. I had fried poundcake, eggnog ice cream, and sweet potato pie.

Edit your guest list! remove names until you’re delighted with who you’re inviting. Sometimes removing just one name or two can completely change how you feel about throwing a party. Decide what you most want to do, and invite those folks to do it with you. Set a time limit. so you’re not up all night if you don’t want to be. Make a commitment to your own fun, and your event will be a success.


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