Mercury Glass DIY

This versatile little craft is pretty quick and easy. You’ll need Krylon looking glass paint. a mister bottle and a paper towel. You can use any sort of clear glass item. I used round candle holders from the dollar tree.

I did this craft indoors and I used a large cardboard box as my “paint booth,” but it is highly recommended that you do this outdoors. Spray a thin layer of the paint inside the item and let it dry for about 5 minutes. It is ESSENTIAL that you wait the 5 minutes between coats. I learned this the hard way and wasted a lot of paint with my own impatience. Spray with the mister bottle and blot with the paper towel. This lifts the paint and gives you that distinctive mercury glass look. Waiting 5 minutes between coats, repeat this process until you achieve the desired look.

I used the finished candle holders for my holiday decor from October through December. I also gave some away as party favors when I hosted a gathering.



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