MAKE A LIST!!! (how to avoid receiving terrible gifts from your sweetie)


This is a message in honor of the husbands and boyfriends that I have encountered crouched over jewelry counters for hours on end debating between a bracelet and a necklace and terrible brooch.

Most people cannot read minds. If you are fortunate enough to have one that does, or simply one who is a great gift giver, this post is not for you. This post is for the gals out there who are sick and tired of receiving terrible gifts from their sweeties.

Men in particular are not subtle creatures. They don’t take hints well and they don’t remember things like that necklace from three months ago that you pointed out in a store.

I worked in a jewelry store for more than 10 years and I lost count of the number of men who came in at the last minute looking nauseous and panicked. Both the nausea and panic were because He doesn’t know what to get for you! He wants desperately to get something that knocks your socks off, but he doesn’t know WHAT that is! I know that you may think that it destroys the spontaneity. But, to quote my granny, “closed mouths don’t get fed”.

Open your mouth. Make a list. The same joy that you used to have when you made a list for Santa when you were a little girl…pull that up and make a list for your sweetie. You’ll be thanked for it. You can hand write it, You can email it with links, you can also make a pinterest page of things that you love (this is my mother’s method). If you make a substantial list that you keep updated…you’ll be guaranteed a gift that you love AND your sweetie gets to surprise you…because you won’t know exactly what is being pulled from your list. The point of keeping the list updated, is that there are times besides that holidays that a loved one may want to treat you. Help them treat you EXACTLY the way that you want to be treated.

With Love,



My father wrapped these all by himself.


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