stenciled curtains diy

i had the most difficult time EVER deciding on curtains for my living room. finally i decided to take my destiny into my own hands. i bought plain sailcloth curtains from target and i stenciled them!

i used an inexpensive tarp from home depot and a floor stencil from stencil ease. why a floor stencil? because they’re huge (by stencil standards) and i didn’t want to spend forever matching the patterns up.


now…when you stencil…what you’re SUPPOSED to do is tape the stencil down OR use a little spray on adhesive so that it adheres to the fabric…this helps to insure that the stencil won’t move while you apply the paint and that the edges of your design will be crisp.

also…if you’re using more than one color like i did…you should do one color at a time and allow drying time between each color application. this prevents smudging and paints mixing together.


i didn’t do it the “right way” i did a lazy version and i’m completely thrilled with the results. as you can see…i squirted out the three colors on a piece of cardboard and i moved my stencil around all willy nilly. i wanted something informal, abstract and fun.

now when it came to overlapping two colors…i DID let the bottom stencil dry first and i came back and did the second one afterwards.

the entire project took one evening and i hung up my curtains before i went to work because i just couldn’t wait!





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